Welcome to the Judges Chambers!

The Judges have summoned you back to the platform in the clouds and you will be heading down a different path that does not lead to Downside. The Judges have another place in mind that they seem to Watch as well, Dark Haven. Dark Haven is a Rift World that is only a portion of a planet somewhere in time, and existence. You will be sent to one of three islands in Dark Haven called Serenity. The King of Serenity has called upon his Lord’s and Generals of his armies to go to war on the middle island of Eden. The island of Eden is not occupied by anyone, but it is said that whoever controls Eden will have the blessings of the God’s. The armies that are fighting Serenity are from the island of Nirvana. Nirvana’s King wants Eden for himself, and the war is starting, will you rise to the occasion and become the General of high recognition and claim your place as a Lord in the Kings court. Or, will blood lust and war mongering take hold of your personality and cause your chances of moving on to fail.

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The Kings Legion

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